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Doctor of Philosophy, Degree Conferred August 2011
Major: Public Health, Community Education and Health Promotion       
Walden University, Graduating GPA, 4.0
Dissertation Title: Factors Affecting Utilization of Research by Family Violence Prevention Workers  
Master of Science, Degree Conferred May 2008
Major: Public Health, Community Education and Health Promotion
Walden University, Graduating GPA 4.0

Master of Arts, Transferred, 2005
Major: Applied Psychological Research                   
Penn State University, Transferring GPA, 3.7
Completed 30-credit terminal Masters Degree coursework and transferred to PhD program.
Thesis development with disadvantaged youth, program design, and evaluation.

Bachelor of Science, Degree conferred May 2003
Major: Experimental Psychology
Penn State University.
Graduating GPA, 3.8, Graduated with Distinguished Honors
Capstone project: Child development and resilience
Psychology Student of the Year award

Current/Recent Courses
My teaching interests span the spectrum of Public Health courses. My current and past experience has been in the following course titles: Social & Behavioral Theory Applications in Public Health, Research Methods in Public Health, Health Agency Management,  Healthcare Quality Management and Outcomes Analysis, Health Care Policy: The Past and the Future, Public and Community Health, Elements of Health and Wellness 

Current Research Interests
My primary research interests cover the following areas: Higher Education Development in Social Science and Public Health, Application of Empirical Research to Frontline Prevention/Education, Public Health Prevention Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation Vulnerable Populations, Violence Prevention, Child Abuse & Neglect Building Resilient Communities & Humanitarian Efforts

Professional Associations
American College of Healthcare Executives
American Public Health Association (APHA)
Pennsylvania Public Health Association (PPHA)

Post Secondary Teaching Experience

Instructional Mentor and Faculty, Liberty University                                                  8/2013-Present                                                                                                     Adjunct Faculty April 2012 to August 2013 
Mentor and monitor incoming faculty, as well as teach courses for the online MPH program at Liberty University. 
Courses taught include:
*Research Methods of Public Health,
*Social & Behavioral Applications of Theory in Public Health
*Health Agency Management

Primary job duties require providing feedback for curriculum and monitoring virtual course load. Daily activities range from administration and grading of course materials, to posting assignments, exams, and research projects. Focus of position is on mentoring students to facilitate successful completion of courses including help with time management, understanding material, college writing strategies, and establishing study plans. Instructional mentoring duties includes oversight of 20-25 courses for compliance and reporting purposes, as well as mentoring for improved best practices and support of faculty.

Adjunct Faculty, University of Phoenix                                                           
1/2012- Current
Facilitate five-week courses in the area of Psychology, Health and Wellness. Primary job duties include development of syllabus, instructor policies, curriculum, and facilitation of in class sessions. Daily activities range from oversight of online supplemental forums, dialogue, and team project management to development of course materials, in-class activities, and learning support. Administer all exams and grades. Approved courses include: HCS/451 Healthcare Quality Management and Outcomes Analysis, HCS/455 Healthcare Policy: The Past and the Future, HCS/457 Public and Community Health, SCI/163 Elements of Health and Wellness, PSY/211 Essentials of Psychology,  and PSY/250 Psychology of Personality.

Other Teaching/Coaching Experience

Consultant/Trainer, PrePEAR
Conduct weekend trainings 4 times annually, as part of a private research consulting and contract service company. Develop training programs that provide educational sessions in the area of human service and social science. Typical clients are non-profit organizations engaging in a 2 or 3 day workshop format. Workshops are offered on a contract basis and are customized for organization. Topics include: 
 *Improving Prevention Programming 
  *Increasing Collaboration Efforts
  *Research and Current Technology
  *APA Mastery
  *Brainstorm Techniques and Idea Generation 
  *Practical Applications of Empirical Research
  *Program Evaluation 101
  *Collaboration and Globalization 

ESL Coach, Multiple Settings
Provided instruction in the development of English as a second language with multiple cohorts of students from the high-school through the University level. Skills where taught in individualized one-on-one settings and in classrooms of 5-25 students. Prepared, organized and implemented detailed lessons plans. Duties including completing assessments of current ability, developing individualized programs based on assessment, creating curriculum for instruction, assessing student knowledge, forming teams based on ability, monitoring progress and grading assignments. Teaching methods included a variety of active and engagement activities to keep students motivated and focused. Contributed to further activities such as proof-reading English letters and documents for administration and application for college. 

Preschool Educator,  In the Grove
As part of duties in running a licensed at-risk child care facility. Developed approved curriculum for preschool, kindergarten readiness. Created individualized care plans for each child using validated survey methodology and learning style observation. Monitored, evaluated, and documented progress of children at the beginning, middle and end of each year. Keystone Star Licensed. Honored for excellence with Star 1 and 2 rankings from Keystone Star Quality Education and Care Initiative.

Relevant Professional & Research Experience 

5/2009 – Present
Consultant, Researcher, Owner of public health research consulting firm. Contracted quarterly to provide mentoring and training for small business, non-profits and doctoral students in areas of research methodology, program evaluation, application of research to front-line practice, critical thinking, and dissertation support. Support research for programs across community, national, and international lines in the area of program improvement and evaluation. Provide comprehensive research support from conception through dissemination. Specializing in Health and Social Science area research. Request portfolio and recent proposals. 

PA Department of State,
1/2007 – 4/2007
Paid intern. Performed critical research procedures for project improving collaboration services for parents of newborn’s with hearing loss. Conducted surveys to acquire relevant data, analyzed data with SPSS and networked with other research specialists to discuss project outcomes. Liaised with representatives from state agencies to obtain critical information and developed and distributed intensive reports. Supported RN with execution of case management practices; interacted with parents to discuss patient condition and provided appropriate documentation.     Key Contribution: Accumulated, analyzed and organized data for major project into cohesive final report and presentation for use at national conference.        

In the Grove
Home-based childcare facility owner. Facility targeting at-risk families for poverty, court appointed supervision, and criminal history. Developed approved curriculum for preschool, kindergarten readiness. Created individualized care plans for each child using validated survey methodology and learning style observation. Monitored, evaluated, and documented progress of children at the beginning, middle and end of each year. Managed daily operations, annual budget, and quality of care. Keystone Star Facility. Key contribution: Development of portfolio measures to include with case management measures in order to track both academic and emotional development of children. Honored for excellence with Star 1 and 2 rankings from Keystone Star Quality Initiative.

Philhaven Hospital, 
1/2003 – 5/2005
Therapeutic Support Staff. Case Management. Implemented treatment programs, providing specialized support to at-risk adolescents diagnosed with mental and emotional disorders. Collaborated with team members and parents to ensure attainment of individual goals. Created and executed social skills course to enhance client ability to thrive in various environments. Recorded treatment provided and tracked client results in detailed charts and reports. Key Contribution: Devised and implemented a social skills course curriculum in two intermediate schools for at-risk youth.

Penn State Psychology Program,
Advisor: Dr. Cecil
Research for Thesis Development. Work in the rates of STIs in African American female adolescents with a history of child abuse. Completed literature reviews, literature summaries, focus groups, data entry, translation of data.

Fresenius Medical Care,                                  
6/2001- 8/2002
Office Manager. Managed the daily operations of a medium sized (25-employee) dialysis medical billing office. Monitored all financial records for the office, including all supply orders, vendors, client verifications, overpayment accounts and administrative duties for executive director. Gateway for all employee correspondence, liaison for all site clients, and administrative oversight of 16 billing employees. 

Honors and Awards

2011-2012, Life Foundation Award, Community Service Grant, New York Life               2011,  2005 Outstanding Volunteer Award, GSHPA                                                    2009, American Public Health Association Travel Award                                             2008, Behavioral Health Research Stipend, Doctoral Research                                   2007, Community Service Grant, Clothing Closet New Hope Ministries                          2005, Community Dedication Award, Family Violence Prevention Forum                      2003, Outstanding Psychology Student Award, Penn State University                          2003, Psi Chi: Induction into the National Psychology Honors Society for excellence in the field of psychology
2002, Alpha Sigma Lambda: Induction into the National Honors Society for Adult Students demonstrating excellence in scholastic achievement. 

Professional and Community Associations 

The Siegman Myers Aid for Loss and Life, The SMALL Fund, 2013-Present
Founding Member, Board President  

West York Rotary Club, Rotary International September 2011- current
Current: President-Elect 2013/2014
Past: West York Club Publicist, Treasurer 
American Public Health Association, January 2004-current
Current: Member
Volunteer, Annual Abstract Reviewer, Programming Committee
Health Promotion SPIG, Family Violence Prevention Forum Member
Walden University APHA Student Liaison 2009-2011
Heart of Pennsylvania Girl Scout Council, September 2004-6/2014
Past: Girl Scout Leader 10 years, PA Trainer, Chair of World Thinking Day
Adolescent Financial Literacy Trainer, Northwood’s Neighborhood

Family Violence Prevention Forum, Local Organizations, 2001-2011
Past: Involvement in training for family violence prevention and advocacy initiatives throughout Philadelphia, Dauphin, and York County. Contribute to a variety of published and unpublished research projects including writing, editing, and measure services. Contribution includes planning and research in understanding how to improve areas of prevention by applying empirical rigor to programming. 

Graf., L. (2011). Factors Affecting Utilization of Research by Family Violence Prevention Workers  (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. Retrieved on November 11, 2011 at http://gradworks.umi.com/34/69/3469900.html.
Academic Chair: Dr. Nancy Rea 

Publications, in progress 

Accepted for Publication. Graf, L., Rea, N., & Barkley, W. Lessons from Action Research: Application of Empirical Research to Frontline Violence Prevention. Social Change Journal. 

In progress/Under Review. Graf, L., Rea, N., & Barkley, W. Innovative Approaches to Action Research in Family Violence Prevention. Qualitative Research. 

In progress L. Graf The Roar of Small Voices, A Violence Prevention Primer (Book)

Conferences, Professional Presentations

October 2012
Title: Factors affecting the utilization of research among family violence prevention workers: an exploratory force-field analysis.
American Public Health Association’s 140th Annual Conference , Oral Presentation 
October 2012
Title: A force field analysis: Front line workers as critical actors in family violence prevention programming.
American Public Health Association’s 140th Annual Conference, Oral Presentation

October 2012
Title: Factors influencing the application of research to practice in family violence: The importance to low-income women and children
American Public Health Association’s 140th Annual Conference, Roundtable Presentation

October 2010
Title: Application of Empirical Research to Prevention Practices by Family Violence Prevention Workers: Preliminary Lessons
Pennsylvania Public Health Association’s annual conference. , Oral Presentation 

May 2010
Title: An Exploratory Study of the Factors Impacting the Application of Empirical Research to Practice from the Perspective of Family Violence Prevention Workers
Family Violence Prevention Forum , Oral Presentation

November 2009
Title: Understanding the gap in research to practice transference in family and intimate partner violence prevention: The role of empirically evaluated programs.
American Public Health Association’s 137th Annual Conference